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About us

Who we are

ARGIS is an investment fund and developer specialized in development, investment and management of real estate assets.  Innovation and sustainability are fundamental pillars of all our projects.  Our Project management quality can be seen in the rapid growth of recent years, currently managing over 100 million euros in assets.


Our commitment with the environment, leads us to make rational use of natural resources. About to be implemented, all new constructions will have the BREEAM seal, an international certification that verifies environmental sustainability.


We have our fleet of electric cars, solar panels are installed in all our projects. We use and provide heating and cooling systems with 0 CO2 emissions achieving less energy consumption and therefore, providing owner´s savings.

Design spaces

We work with leading architecture studios in Spain to develop design spaces that are sustainable and modern.


ARGIS believes excellence and integrity go hand in hand, hence why we add this value as regent in all our projects and actions.

Founder and CEO

Alejandro Schuvaks

Managing Director

Carlos Zucchi

Procurement Director

Antonio Joven

Sales Director

María José Sevilla


Lorena López

Chief Financial Officer

Javier Romero

Chief accountant

Ana Sánchez


Verónica Álvaro


Juan Andreu Dolz


Pamela Morales

Chief Architect

Jorge Blasco

Technical Architect

Carlos Lacalle

Technical architect

Alberto Plana


Gabriel Buquet

Project Manager

Miguel Hinestroza

Head of Apartamentos Gabiron

Mónica Mejía

Office Manager

Simy Blanco

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